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Irving Plaza, NYC, NY
June 27, 1996

Set 1:
What Time Is It
To Make Me Blue
Jimmy Olsenīs Blues
Dogs On A Doe
I Canīt Believe Youīre Still With Her
She Used To Be Mine
About A Train
If Wishes Were Horses
Youīve Got To Believe In Something
Little Miss Canīt Be Wrong
Thatīs The Way I Like It (K.C. and the Sunshine Band) (w/Bass solo and jam - the song was 20 minutes long!)

Set 2:
Big Fat Funky Booty -->
Shinbone Alley -->
Drum solo -->
Jam -->
Shinbone Alley -->
Hard to Exist**
Scotch and Water Blues* -->
Stormy Monday* (sung by Ivan) -->
Scotch and Water Blues* -->
Sister Sisyphus* -->
Sly & The Family Stone jam*
Highway 49*
Refrigerator Car -->
At This Hour -->
Refrigerator Car
Forty Or Fifty -->
Bags Of Dirt

The D-Bop horns (Erik Lawrence on sax and Todd Horton on trumpet) played from "Thatīs The Way I Like It" until the end of the show.

*with Nils Lofgrin
** with Jaik Miller (additional vocals)

They recorded an interview before the show which was broadcast on the internet. The broadcast may have included sound-checks.

Download this show here: www.archive.org/audio/etree-details-db.php?id=34384

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