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Mondo Perso - NYC
November 24, 1989

Set I:
The Drop
Prisoner of Time
Getsaltīs Blues
Stepped On A Crack
Homebelly Groove
Hard To Exist
Big Fat Funky Booty
Turn It Upside Down
Jimmy Olsenīs Blues
Canīt Say No
What Time Is It?
How Could You Want Him
Freeway Of The Plains -->
Lady Kerosene
More Than She Knows

Set II:
Cheeseburger Deluxe
Two Princes
Hungry Hamedīs
Cleopatraīs Cat -->
Off My Line
Forty or Fifty
Yo Mamaīs A Pajama
Piece of Glass
Deep Ellum Blues* (w/John Popper on harmonica)
Rosetta Stone
Gorilla Boy** (w/John Popper on harmonica & vocals)
Pandoraīs Box
Up For Grabs
At This Hour

* (w/John Popper on harmonica)
** (w/John Popper on harmonica & vocals)

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