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La Mirona - Salt, Girona, Spain
April 12, 2008

What Time Is It? ->
Nice Talking To Me
Off My Line
Cleopatraīs Cat
Little Miss Canīt Be Wrong
Jimmy Olsenīs Blues
Canīt Kick The Habit
Big Fat Funky Booty ->
Genuine ->
Jam ->
Genuine ->
Lady Kerosene
Two Princes

How Could You Want Him
Yo Mamaīs A Pajama
At This Hour
More Than She Knows

- first show in four months, without any further rehearsal except soundcheck
- first European show since 2005-03-18
- first "At This Hour" since 2001-09-07 (according to the band)

- for a picture gallery, click here: tinyurl.com/5jalho

Review by Daniel:
First of all, I need to tell you folks how great, great, great the band sounded. Making it to this show (even from Germany) was absolutely worth it. The band was on fire and played an incredibly strong show - their first gig after a four month break. Aaron told me there was no rehearsal before this show except for the soundcheck at the venue.

Yup, "More Than She Knows" and "At This Hour". I couldnīt believe my ears when they started playing "hour". I expected the show to be over after "Yo Mama", but then they treated us with those two classics that werenīt on the setlist for years!! Chris explained to me that they rehearsed those songs in the afternoon and liked it, so they decided to "maybe" play them. And fortunately, they did (even with some small mistakes which did not matter at all)...

But hey - praising that awesome 4-song-encore doesnīt mean that the rest of the show was bad. It wasnīt at all. Sure, they played the standard set we know, but the spiced it up with a few surprises: Eric was on fire all night, bu the extended jam after "Genuine" was the real thing. Loved it so much, and loved it when Chris and Mark stared at Eric in awe because of what he was playing. The segue of Booty -> Genine -> Jam -> Lady Kerosene made the audience go crazy.

Speaking of the audience: I..m bad at guessing audiences, but I think it must have been about 600-800 people dancing and partying. Maybe some youtube clips will come up soon as a lot of kids were filming with their mobile phones throughout the show. Funny audience, by the way: lot of people in the 30-50 yrs old slot, but a remarkable amount of younger folks, too. The audience loved Chris as he did literally ALL the banter and announcements in Spanish.

The crowd digged "Cleopatraīs Cat", and "Canīt Kick The Habit" ended a bit differently than usual with Chris doing some vocal impromptu stuff. As you know, I love "How Could You Want Him", so I went crazy when they played that one as the first encore.

After the show, my friend and I were invited to have a drink with the band which was awesome, too - great to talk to those down-to-earth guys and to realize how great these four guys are getting along nowadays. Aaron sounded excited about the upcoming shows this summer, by the way.

Even in their 20th year as a band, the Spin Doctors rock big time.

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