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Tower City Amphitheater - Cleveland, OH
May 26, 2006

Spin Doctors set (7.30pm):
What Time Is It? >
Nice Talking To Me
Little Miss Can´t Be Wrong
Off My Line
Jimmy Olsen´s Blues
Can´t Kick The Habit
Big Fat Funky Booty >
Lady Kerosene
Genuine (extended solo)
Two Princes*

Blues Traveler set (9.00pm):
After What>
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Money Back Guarantee
Just For Me
Slow Change>
You Lost Me There>
Mulling It Over>**
But Anyway

She Isn´t Mine
Business As Usual>
Cleopatra´s Cat>***
Business As Usual

* with John Popper on harp
** with Eric Schenkman on guitar
*** with Chris Barron on vocals

Tops Great American Rib Cook-Off. Spin Doctors and Blues Traveler performing together at the same stage (first time since 1994).

Download this show here: www.archive.org/details/spin2006-05-26.flac16


by crescentfresh (originally posted on the Spins message board): "Excellent time downtown tonight. We got real lucky with the weather, because it rained all day, but not a drop in the evening. Unfortunately, there were no full band jams or segues I don´t have setlists, but here´s the good information you´re probably looking for. Popper came out at the very end of The Spin Doctors set and shredded up Two Princes with them. During Blues Traveler´s set, Eric came out and played Mulling It Over with them. It took a bit for him to get in the groove, but once he found it, the jam was excellent. Lastly, during the encore, Chris joined Blues Traveler on stage and sang Cleopatra´s Cat. I don´t think anyone taped The Spin Doctor´s set unfortunately. There was one set of mics there in the back, but they were enclosed with the soundboard and equipment, and I didn´t see a single person manning them all night. Maybe they were hooked up for a board matrix recording??? If so, would something like that ever see the light of day? Two mic stands popped up by the time Blues Traveler took the stage, so I´m sure at least one of those sources will get into circulation."

by steg (orignally posted on the Spins message board): " Wow. Tonight was amazing. I went to the show with a few buddies who were big fans and a few who weren´t very familiar with either band, but everyone left being blown away. The Docs came on around 7:30 pm and opened with What Time Is It?. [...] The show was excellent, but I was a little disappointed when Two Princes came on, knowing that it was over, and also because numerous people ignorantly commented that that song is "the best ever." (I wondered if these people were paying attention to the rest of the show, which was an absolute ownage-fest on my ass.) As the band just seemed to be going through the motions on this song (I´d think they have to be sick of having to play it all the time) John Popper walked out on to the stage and they proceeded to rock the shint out of Cleveland for another five minutes with him and Schenkman "dueling" with their respective instruments. It was possibly the best version of that song ever, and was a good way to close out a somewhat short set (and unfortunately poorly attended one as well). With regard to the Blues Traveler set, it rocked pretty hard as well. [...] Schenkman came out to play guitar on Mulling it Over, which was really sweet. For their encore, BT came out and played some acoustic tune off their new album, then jammed into Business as Usual. After playing, the band jammed for a bit while Pop took a quick cig break. Shortly thereafter, Chris Barron came out onto the stage and started singing Cleopatra´s Cat! It began with just him singing and going off on his own, then slowly, the rest of Blues Traveler joined in with their respective instruments and jammed pretty hard. After he was done singing, Chris then gave some hugs out to Pop and Chan and the band jammed into the rest of Business as Usual, which served as a great way to conclude the show. As a side note, my friend saw Chris and Eric just chilling out with everyone else eating some ribs.
This, however, was an epic performance and a once in a lifetime event. There were two elevated cameramen who were and one on the stage. The footage was being displayed on the two big screens next to the stage. Hopefully a video copy is being made. I know I saw some dude with a book bag and some sort of a stand leaving the show, so I´d expect a copy to reach the net sometime soon. Thank you to the band for such a great night!"

by Jambands.com:
" "Two Princes": Blues Traveler and the Spin Doctors Offer Old-School Sit-Ins

On Friday, Blues Traveler and the Spin Doctors shared the same stage for the first time since 1994, performing at Cleveland, OH’s Tower City Amphitheater. As expected, the longtime friends, used the opportunity to collaborate onstage, as well as bust out a few rare songs. During the Spin Doctors set, John Popper played harp on a show closing version of “Two Princes.” Later, during Blues Traveler’s spot, Spin Doctors guitarist Eric Schenkman returned the favor, adding guitar to the old-school number ”Mulling It Over.” Recalling the acoustic interludes he often performed between Blues Traveler sets in the early-1990s, Chris Barron also offered the vocal number “Cleopatra´s Cat” during the group’s encore, marking the eleventh time the song has been played since 1989. Before both bands achieved radio fame in the early-1990s, Barron would use “Cleopatra´s Cat” as a bridge between his acoustic mini-sets and Blues Traveler’s full band performances. Barron last performed the number with Blues Traveler at Irving Plaza in 2002."

source: jambands dot com

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