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to questions about everything else concerning Spin Doctors & this site...

In this part of the FAQ, you'll find answers about the band's taping policy, about the history of the band's set list file which is now part of the Show Archive of More Than Meets The Ear etc.

1. Ehm, I heard the band has a newsletter or something like that - "At This Hour", right?

They had. "At This Hour" was a postal mailing the band sent to their fans who registered at live shows. It was released unregularly between 1992 and 1997. Most of them are archived on this site, check out the Download section for the "At This Hour" files.

2. So where can I get the latest news about the band from nowadays?

Without any doubt, the best and most reliable source for all Spin Doctors information is the official site - there, you'll find all the lastest tour dates and information. Go there via the Links section.

You can find a lot of additional info in the official message board that belongs to the Spin Doctors site, it's maintained by the great JB and gets you in touch with thousands of Spins fans and even the band. Check the Links to get to the board, too.

Finally, this site, More Than Meets The Ear - The Spin Doctors Archive, tries to bring you all the latest news about the band, about side projects etc. It's all in the News section. There's one exception: you won't find any up-coming tour dates here as the webmaster of the band's official site and the webmaster of this site have kind of an agreement about that - you know, it's the band's management who knows first about date changes and stuff like that, and so only dates posted on the official site are really reliable.

3. So what's the idea of this Archive site here?

More Than Meets The Ear: The Spin Doctors Archive is a private, fan-run website which is dedicated to the music of Spin Doctors. It's the sequel to two previous Spin Doctors fan-sites (More Than Meets The Ear - A Tribute To Spin Doctors and The Spin Doctors Information Page).
This site tries to collect all basic information about the band, the band member's side projects and the band's history. If you want to know more about the people involved in this website, check out the About section.

4. Does the Spins Archive really include all shows ever played by the band?

At least most of them. One of the main parts of this site is the Show Archive which is the updated and redesigned version of the classic Spin Doctors setlist file that was part of the old Spin Doctors Information Site by Mark M. To learn more about the set list file, about the folks who contributed to it etc., visit this page.

5. What is the band's taping policy?
(provided by David Landsberger and JB)

The band is definitely enthusiastically pro-taping, although venues may not always be instructed about this in advance. If you have any problems getting equipment into the venue, ask Aaron to give you a hand.
No access to the soundboard, audience recordings only. Pre-2004 soundboard recordings are fair to circulate. Historically, video taping has not been allowed, however, they seem to have less issue with it these days.

6. Where can I get some live recordings from the band?
(provided by David Landsberger)

There are many places to get live recordings of the band. Perhaps the best resource for getting live recordings is archive.org. Here you can download or stream many live Spin Doctors shows. Additionally, you can find them in the usual places for live shows (such as bt.etree.org). You can look for people who have recordings and ask them to trade here. Perhaps the best way is to go to the Spin Doctors' official page and enter the forums. There is a section there about live tapes and you will find lots of people who will be happy to help you out.

7. What is not allowed to trade / to offer?

Anything is allowed to be traded provided it is not violating a copyright. Therefore commercial releases or broadcasts are not permitted for trading. However, all other live recordings are permissible for trading.
Also, all soundboard recordings are controlled by the band and the management and it's not allowed to trade or offer sbd recordings from performances played after January, 2004.

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