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Chris Barron Solo Discography
last update: 2014-03-03

This is a list of Chris Barron's solo stuff including his two full-length solo albums and his contributions as a writer or performer to other artist's records.

Jono Manson - Angels on the Other Side
(Con Artists Collective / Con Artisti Records, released January 31st, 2014)

1. Angels on the Other Side
2. Honky Tonk in My Mind
3. The Frame
4. There's a Whole World on Fire
5. Together Again
6. Snowed In
7. Silver Lining
8. I'm Gonna Get It
9. Angelica
10. The Other Yesterday

11. Everything to Me
12. Grateful

Chris co-wrote the song "The Other Yesterday".

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band - The Dirty Socks Come Clean
(Dirty Sock Funtime Band, Inc., October 29th, 2013)

1. The Dirty Socks Come Clean
2. Garbage Bugs
3. Hold of the Sun
4. National Hiccup Day
5. Lenny the Cat
6. We're in Love
7. I'm Hungry
8. Mama's Song
9. Anybody Got a Watch?
10. Monster's Lullabye
11. Danceology
12. Cheese World
13. Waking Up
14. Robots from the 4th Dimension
15. Kitty Kat Yeah
16. Mystical Science Librarian
17. Start of the End
18. The Dirty Socks Come Clean (Reprise)

From the official press release: "This 18-track musical bonanza from "Nick Jr." alums takes the meaning of family-friendly music to a whole new level. For kids, the songs have all the elements to get them listening, dancing, and laughing. For parents, the songs are just great rock songs." ... "'Mama’s Song' (co-written by Chris Barron of Spin Doctors)" .... "Kids will ... find delight in 'Kitty Kat Yeah', a Rickie Lee Jones-inspired jam (featuring a lead vocal from the SPIN DOCTOR’S Chris Barron) that tells the story of a dog who realizes that his chance at Hollywood stardom depends on whether or not he can get the family cat to drive him to his audition in time."

Various Artists - Steamroller Wheelies: A Restoration Convoy
(released via LivePhish.com and DryGoods, April 5th, 2012)

1. Hang Glide (Written by Mike Gordon)
2. Go Down Swingin’ (Written by Danny Barnes)
3. Sideways (Written by Mike Gordon)
4. This Land Is Your Land (Written by Woody Guthrie)
5. Walking On Ipe (Written by Fonzworth Bentley)
6. Crumblin’ Bones (Written by Tom Cleary)
7. Beam Me Up, Toto (Written by Chris Barron, Mike Gordon)
8. Short Circuit (Written by Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Joe Linitz)
9. Wham Bam Boodle (Written by Gary Gazaway)
10. Hokey Pokey (Traditional)

Steamroller Wheelies: A Restoration Convoy is a compilation of collaborations between Mike Gordon and a smattering of fellow musicians; all of whom wanted to contribute to Vermont flood recovery. The tracks were collected and compiled by Mike from various projects he's either developed or participated in over the years, beginning in 1999. All proceeds from Steamroller Wheelies will be directed towards recovery efforts, to help restore Vermont after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene in 2011. "BEAM ME UP, TOTO" written by Chris Barron and Mike Gordon. Chris Barron - Drums, Vocals. Mike Gordon - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals. Kenny Goldsmith - Drums. Available via LivePhish.com and Dry Goods.

The Canoes - Booze And Canoes
Universal Music Norway, February 3, 2012

1. Waiting For Your Lover Man
2. Raining Again
3. Steal A Little Time
4. Thank God I’m An Idiot
5. Coming Clean
6. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
7. Torch In The Shade
8. Throw Your Phone In The Pool
9. Pass
10. Invisible Man
11. Survivor Coming Home

Chris' new band in Norway featuring Hans Petter Aaserud, Erik Norvald Røe, Arne Hovda (Getaway People). At the moment, the album is only available in Norway.

Trang fødsel - Ryktet
released on Sony Music Entertainment Norway AS on June 10, 2011

1. Ikke bry deg
2. Ryktet
3. Because I Can Sing (med Chris Barron)
4. Sånn vil jeg ha det
5. En natt til
6. Deilig
7. Snurrer meg rundt
8. Venice, L.A.
9. Syns det går bedre
10. På taket

"Ryktet" is the seventh studio album by the Norwegian band Trang fødsel. Singer Hans Petter Aaserud is also a member of the newly-founded band "The Canoes" featuring Chris Barron. Chris sings co-lead vocals on "Because I Can Sing". Interestingly, Hans Petter and Chris talk about starting "The Canoes" in the song and Chris sings the line "Just go ahead now" pretty often. Available digitally and physically in Europe.

John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours
released March 1st, 2011 on 429 Records

1. Love Has Made It So
2. A Lot Like You
3. Bereft
4. What Can I Do For You
5. All The Way Down
6. Make It Better
7. Something Sweet
8. Champipple
9. Hurt So Much
10. Don't Tread On Me
11. End of the Line
12. Leave It Up To Fate

Third John Popper solo release. Chris co-wrote the track "Champipple", inspired by the 70s tv show Sanford & Sons, with Jono Manson and John Popper.

Chris Barron & The Time Bandits - Songs From The Summer Of Sangria
released May 13th, 2010

1. I Love You, I Love You, Goodbye
2. Phony
3. The Seat Of Your Pants
4. Stone's Throw
5. Gone

First official Chris Barron solo release since 2006's/2009's "Pancho And The Kid" album. The EP includes five tracks recorded with "The Time Bandits" and produced by Eric Ambel. Available via Chris' website as well as via iTunes and at live shows.

Joey DeGraw - Say Something Strong
(National Underground Records, released August 18th, 2009)

1. Waving At No One
2. Say Something Strong
3. Tragedy
4. Sister Mystery
5. Our Own Time
6. Sunny
7. Miracle Of The Mind
8. Your Last Day
9. Another Mistake
10. Lead The Way

Chris, who was touring and performing with Joey DeGraw pretty regularly back in 2007-2009, sings backing vocals on the track "Tragedy". Available via Amazon.

Relix CD Sampler August / September 2009
released in July 2009

16. Chris Barron & The Time Bandits - Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues (feat. Mike Gordon & John Popper)

The 17-track sampler in the August / September 2009 issue of Relix magazin included the track "Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues" recorded live at "Exile On Houston". National Underground, New York from May 12th, 2009 featuring Mike Gordon (Phish) and John Popper (Blues Traveler). The track (as well as the complete show from that night) is available at the Live Music Archive.

ZO2 - Casino Logic
Red Distribution, released June 9th, 2009

1. Painted Lady
2. I'm Alive
3. Red Line Highway
4. Show Me
5. Stronger
6. Money Talks
7. Hero
8. No Way Out
9. All In
10. I'm Still Waiting
11. Infinity Rising

ZO2 is the band known from the tv series Z Rock. Chris Barron co-wrote the opening track "Painted Lady" and sang backing vocals on the track, too. The CD also features John Popper on harmonica and vocals on track 8, by the way. Availavble everywhere.

Chris Barron - Pancho And The Kid
official release via Valley Entertainment, May 2009

1. Brokenhearted Serenade
2. Heartbreak Boulevard
3. Can't Kick The Habit
4. Blueness
5. Intro To The King
6. I Must Be The King
7. Pretty As A Picture
8. Louisiana Holiday
9. Why Must The Show Go On?
10. Stars
11. Shades Of Yesterday
12. Part Of Me

Chris' second full-length solo album is a collaboration with Jeff Cohen who co-wrote all the songs. Chris and Jeff produced the album which includes a lot of guest musicians such as Boots Ottestad and Espen Noreger of The Getaway People, Teitur, Andrew Carillo or Jack Petruzzelli who is playing guitar for Saul Zonana as well. This is a remastered version of Chris' 2006 indie release, available in all major music stores.

Pancho's Lament - 3 Sides To Every Story

(independently released January 6th, 2009)

1 Hey Love
2 Sunday Morning Shine
3 Let Me Love You
4 Following Alice
5 Can't Kick the Habit
6 Love Is a Ghost
7 I Am Always Wrong
8 Nothing If Not Love
9 Kaleidoscope
10 Don't Forget the Roses
11 Listening Sky

Third album by Jeff Cohen's band project Pancho's Lament. It includes a version of "Can't Kick The Habit", co-written by Chris who is also doing some backing vocals on this recording of the song. Available via CD Baby or iTunes.

True Nature - Feels Like Centuries
(independently released January 2009)

1 Truth I Have To Steel (Simple Heart)
2 The Color Of Daylight
3 My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun
4 Woman
5 Too Close To See Who We Are

True Nature is the brain child of New York musician Lou Barlow. The EP "Feels Like Century" was recorded at Aaron Comess' studio in 2006/2007. Aaron also played drums and produced the whole disc that also features Chris on backing vocals. Available via CD Baby or iTunes.

Various Artists - Crazy Blues: A Celebration of Okeh Records
Larchmont Records, October 13, 2008

1 Mockingbird - Regina Spektor
2 Will the Circle Be Unbroken - Chris Barron
3 Heebie Jeebies - Cyrille-Aimee Daudel
4 Eddie's Twister - John Abercrombie
5 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad - Langhorne Slim
6 Insane Crazy Blues - The Hellhounds
7 Sorry Feeling Blues - Michael Hill
8 Me & My Chauffer Blues - Jenny O
9 Sinful to Flirt - Kristen Cothron
10 He Like It Slow - Cyrille-Aimee Daudel
11 Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane - The Tweedlers
12 Lost Lover Blues - The Hellhounds
13 Louisville Burglar - Emily Hope Price
14 Crazy Blues - Jenny O

Out of print. A digital version of this album without Regina Spektors track is available on iTunes etc.

Curtis Peoples - Curtis Peoples
(The Control Group, released August 19, 2008)

1. Back Where I Started
2. Holding Me Down
3. Tell Me I'm Wrong
4. All I Want
5. Wake Up
6. Heart Will Fall
7. Counting On Disaster
8. Got What We Wanted
9. One More Time
10. Exit Scene

Chris co-wrote the last song of the album, "Exit Scene".

Lach - The Calm Before
(Fortified Records, released March 25th, 2008)

1. Egg
2. I Want to Be with You
3. This Ain't a Song
4. I Won't Miss You
5. A Quiet Distance
6. Men Don't Come Back
7. Positions of Power
8. Oh Well
9. Letter to Theo
10. George at Coney
11. Gone Gone Gone
12. Questions
13. Crazy House

Chris sings backing vocals on a couple of tracks. According to the CD booklet, the album was finished and released in 2007. Retailers such as Amazon give March 25th, 2008 as release date.

Kevin Bents - The Means
(independently released, 2008)

1 Givin' It All Away (For Jeff)
2 Heart of Hearts
3 My Love Save the Day
4 Fool On the Moon
5 Writing On the Wall
6 Don't Want to Lose
7 Means to Goodbye
8 After the Ball
9 Good Life
10 Only You Only Me

Aaron describes Kevin's music as "excellent, crafted pop" and plays drums on three tracks of the album. Chris provides backing vocals for the song "Don't Want To Lose". Available at CD Baby.

Live At Atmosphere Lounge, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
(DVD Video, Zimya Productions, September 29th, 2007)

1. Why Must The Show Go On -> Stars
2. To You
3. I Know You Know
4. Brokenhearted Serenade
5. Margarita
6. My Problem Now -> Little Miss Can't Be Wrong -> My Problem Now
7. Can't Kick The Habit
8. Heartbreak Boulevard
9. The Faded Tatoos
10. At The Stable
11. I Love You, I Love You, Goodbye
12. I Must Be The King
13. Two Princes
14. All I Know (Is I Love You)
15. Jimmy Olsen's Blues

This DVD includes a full Chris Barron solo show at the intimate Atmosphere Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, FL, recorded on March 24th, 2007. In addition to the show, the DVD has some entertaining interview footage with Chris. Lovely release, highly recommended, available only via Atmosphere Lounge.

New Arrivals: Volume 2 - Artists Against Hunger & Poverty
(MPress Records / IODA, May 8th, 2007)

1. Stronger - Mieka Pauley
2. Sail The Sea - Gregory Douglass
3. Dark Stranger - Kristy Kruger
4. When We Say Goodnight - Jonah Smith
5. Line, The - Anne Heaton
6. Land - The Rideaways
7. Little Black Crow - Divine Maggees
8. Lay It On Me - Kyler England
9. James Dean - Ralston Bowles
10. Living On Love - Trina Hamlin
11. Can't Kick The Habit - Chris Barron
12. Photograph - Todd Carey
13. Mary's Song - Jennifer Daniels
14. Code Red - NLX
15. Lovely Life - Rebekah Jordan
16. Louisiana Holiday - Pancho's Lament
17. Lonely Streets - Rachael Sage
18. Closer - Melissa Ferrick

New Arrivals: Volume 2 - Artists Against Hunger & Poverty is a compilation highlighting some of the best indie artists from around the country. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this record will benefit World Hunger Year. The disc includes the Pancho & The Kid version of "Can't Kick The Habit". Also, it has the Pancho's Lament version of "Louisiana Holiday" from the 2003 "Leaving Town Alive" album. This one has Chris as background singer, too. So, no "new" material for all Chris collectors, but maybe a nice album for all who don't have P&TK or Leaving Town Alive (yet). Available e.g. via eMusic.

Chris Barron - Pancho And The Kid
(independently released, October 2006)

1. Brokenhearted Serenade
2. Heartbreak Boulevard
3. Can't Kick The Habit
4. Blueness
5. Intro To The King
6. I Must Be The King
7. Pretty As A Picture
8. Louisiana Holiday
9. Why Must The Show Go On?
10. Stars
11. Shades Of Yesterday
12. Part Of Me

Chris' second full-length solo album is a collaboration with Jeff Cohen who co-wrote all the songs. Chris and Jeff produced the album which includes a lot of guest musicians such as Boots Ottestad and Espen Noreger of The Getaway People, Teitur, Andrew Carillo or Jack Petruzzelli who is playing guitar for Saul Zonana as well. Great album, at the moment only available at Chris Barron live shows.

Chris Barron - Pancho & The Kid (Pre-Release Edition)
(independently released numbered CD-R edition, June 2006)

1. Broken Hearted Serenade
2. Heartbreak Blvd
3. Can't Kick The Habit
4. Blueness
5. Intro To The King
6. I Must Be The King
7. Pretty As A Picture
8. Louisiana Holiday
9. Why Must The Show Go On?
10. Stars
11. Shades Of Yesterday
12. Part Of Me

When visiting Ireland and Spain to play some solo shows in June 2006, Chris brought 50 selfmade CD-R copies of his up-coming solo album "Pancho & The Kid" with him and sold them at the shows. All CD-Rs are signed, hand-labeled and numbered (see #44 at the picture above). This "pre-release edition" of Chris' second album (which is a collaboration with Jeff Cohen of Pancho's Lament) is sold out. The final album is supposed to be released later this year.

Various Artists - One Life, Many Voices For Hurricane Relief
(independently released in January 2006)

1. You Stand for Me - Renée Elise Goldsberry
2. Remember New Orleans - Melissa Archer
3. Provincetown - Kathy Brier
4. Fairy Tales & Nightingales
5. Words as Music I
6. Paint the World (America's Theme) - Tika Sumpter / Twise
7. Let It Be Me - Catherine Hickland
8. Down to the River - Daniel Gauthier
9. Flesh and Blood - Ilene Kristen
10. Letter to a Friend - Patricia Elliott
11. Billion Dollar Rockets - Tommy Barlow
12. Borrow Mine - Renée Elise Goldsberry / Trevor St. John
13. Valentine - Kristen Alderson
14. Ode to the Backpack Hug
15. Simply Love - Kassie Depaiva
16. Cowboy in the Continental Suit - Marty Robbins
17. The Winter of Our Discontent
18. Louisiana Holiday - Kathy Brier / Trevor St. John
19 Words as Music II - Emily Dickinson
20. Both Sides Now - Catherine Hickland
21. Magic Is the Moonlight (A Spanish Lullaby)
22. What Can I Do for You? - Eddie Alderson / Melissa Gallo
23. Words as Music III
24. The Prayer Song
25 Shakespeare Remix - Robin Strasser
26. Star Spangled Banner

Includes a cover of the song "Louisiana Holiday" that Chris co-wrote with Jeff Cohen.

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band - Mr. Clown And The Day The Sun Got Wet
(independently released CD, 2005)

1. Hundred Thousand Clowns Catching Waves Day
2. Time is at an End
3. Blame Mr. Clown
4. The Scareaphants
5. I'm Hot
6. Don't Take Our Brains
7. Bad Guys
8. X Marks the Spot
9. Gazoopa
10. A Loon Solo
11. Magick Fire
12. The Clowna Negila

Second album of the "DIRTY SOCK FUNTIME BAND" that refers to itself as "the greatest kids' rock/jazz/funk/klezmer/hiphop/newage/oldschool band this side of the planet Clageskosio." Chris sings lead vocals on the bluesy track "The Scareaphants" including some cool scatting at the end of the song. Fun stuff, even for "grown-ups". CD available via CD Baby.

Deena Goodman - Hard To Get To
(independently released EP, 2005)

1. Hard To Get To
2. Sometimes
3. Walking All Over
4. Too Damaged To Care
5. Your Rock

Great five-track debut EP by the New York-based singer Deena Goodman. Her music is a mixture of pop, blues, funk and soul. Chris Barron co-wrote "Your Rock" and sings backing vocals on that track, too. Other interesting acts who contributed to the EP include The Getaway People and Jeff Cohen. "Hard To Get To" is available via CD Baby.

Luz Casal - Sencilla Alegría
(Capitol Records / EMI, 2004)

1. Un nuevo dia brillara
2. No Te Vayas
3. Sencilla alegria

4. Mi Memoria
5. Octubre
6. Ecos
7. Para Un Cinico
8. Noches Blancas
9. Pobre De Mi
10. Aguas De Marte
11. Negra Sombra

Chris wrote the music for the title track and co-wrote the music for "Noches Blancas" with Jeff Cohen of Pancho's Lament and Luz Casal.

"Boots" Ottestad - Ottestad
(independently released album, Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions, 2004)

1. Don´t
2. Saving Up For Grace
3. Headlights
4. Numb
5. Lilies
6. Floating
7. Release Me
8. Flames Of Gold
9. She´s Gone
10. A Song I´ve Never Heard

Wonderful solo record by former Getaway People-singer "Boots" Ottestad. Boots, who worked with Robbie Williams, Tim McGraw, Jeff Cohen and others in the past (to name a few), presents an album full of peaceful, melodic ballads and pop songs. Chris Barron is credited to sing backing vocals on "She's Gone", though you can hardly hear any backings at all... A highly recommended album, nevertheless: talking 'bout close-to-perfect pop music. "Ottestad" is available via CD Baby.

Pancho's Lament - Leaving Town Alive

(independently released album, 2003/2004)

1. Louisana Holiday
2. Leaving Town Alive
3. Landing Where You Are
4. Crazy For This Girl
5. Somebody Still Loves You
6. Sanctuary of Your Stare
7. Get On the Bus
8. Love Me Like a Child
9. Diamond
10. Fade
11. Absence Of An Angel (bonus track)

This is the second Pancho's Lament album. Pancho's Lament is the alter ego of Chris Barron's songwriting partner Jeff Cohen (who also co-wrote the Spin Doctors song "Can't Kick The Habit"). "Leaving Town Alive" was released in limited pressing in early 2003; the final version was officially released in February 2004. Chris Barron co-wrote and co-produced the opening track "Louisiana Holiday". Chris sings on this one as well as on the Cohen/Lowenstein original "Crazy For This Girl" (which was a top 5 hit for "Evan and Jaron" before).

This album is highly recommended - beautiful songs, brilliant arrangements. Other guests include Boots Ottestad and Espen Noreger (of Getaway People fame), Teitur Lassen and Jesse Harris, to name a few. "Leaving Town Alive" is available via CD Baby.

Dirty Lyre - The Jacklight Sessions
(Soulsearch Music, 2003)

1. Give Me A Chance
2. Fred's Blues
3. Better
4. Sevens Are The Promised Land
5. If You Don't Belong
6. Caprice
7. Empty Cup
8. Alberta
9. Amazing Grace
10. Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud
11. Come Back
12. Taxicabs
13. This Is Mama
14. All I Know (Is I Love You)
15. Fruity
16. Cowgirl
17. At The Stable
18. Take Me Out On This Town

Recorded and produced by Todd Horton, released on Todd's cool Soulsearch Music label. Featuring four great Chris solo performances! Here's the official promo text:

    "Dirty Lyre" is a compilation of original songs written by four unique songwriters who live and perform in New York City: Chris Barron (Spin Doctors singer); Louie Lepore; Talia Paul; and Steve Smithie. The tracks were recorded on four separate evenings at Jacklight Gallery on E. 7th street, between Ave B and C, in the East Village. The proprietor, Walter Fields, a well-known artist and long time gallery owner, sat in on the sessions, listening and painting while the musicians poured out their hearts. The production concept behind these recordings was to use two microphones in the room to capture the natural acoustics of the gallery. No additional reverb was used in the mixing and the result is a very stark and honest reproduction of each artist's performance. In places, you can hear traffic and other noises from the street.

"Dirty Lyre" is available via CD Baby and via itunes.

Blues Traveler - Truth Be Told
(Sanctuary, 2003)

1. Unable to Get Free
2. Eventually (I'll Come Around)
3. Sweet and Broken
4. My Blessed Pain
5. Let Her and Let Go
6. Thinnest of Air
7. Can't See Why
8. Stumble and Fall
9. This Ache
10. Mount Normal
11. One
12. Partner in Crime

Although not performing on this great album, Chris co-wrote the wonderful ballad "Sweet And Broken" with his old friend John Popper and is credited for his work on this CD.

Moldy Peaches - Unreleased Cutz and Live Jams

Disc 2/2:

1. I wanna be a hulkamaniac (H. Hogan)
2. Who's got the crack (Live '01)
3. Steak for chicken (Live '01)
4. These burgers (Live '01)
5. I forgot (Live '01)
6. Nothing came out (Live '01)
7. On top (Live '01)
8. Helen Keller (Live '01)
9. Jorge regula (Live '01)
10. One good turn (Live '01)
11. D2 boyfriend (Live '01)
12. County fair (Live '01)
13. Rainbows (Live '01)
14. Who's got the crack (Live '01)
15. Goodbye song (Live '01)
16. VPRO intro (Live '02)
17. Downloading porn w/ davo (Live '02)
18. Steak for chicken (Live '02)
19. Anyone else but you (Live '02)
20. Lucky charms (Live '02)
21. Two princes (Live '02)
22. Lucky #9 (Video Version)
23. Cheese

Another weird Moldy Peaches release - a two-CD set with live cuts and demo tapes ect. Chris Barron joins the Moldy Peaches for a live rendition of the SD classic "Two Princes". Here's what allmusic.com says about this version: "The live material is hit or miss; a cover of the Spin Doctors' "Two Princes" allegedly includes that group's erstwhile leader, the famously bearded Chris Barron, but the atrocious sound quality makes all but the song's jaunty riff indistinguishable."

Chris Barron - We're All New Yorkes Now (CD 1-track single)

(independently released, 2001)

1 We're All New Yorkers Now

An uplifting pop song that deals with the 9-11 tragedy. The track features The Getaway People's Kristian Ottestad and Espen Noreger. Espen plays drums and Kristian plays guitar, bass, tambourine and adds some backing vocals to Chris' lead vocals. The song was recorded at Acme Studios, NY and mastered by Peter Denenberg. This charity single is still available at CD Baby.

New York City Live... At The Baby Jupiter
(independently released, 2001)

A 15-track sampler featuring live performances by NYC bands, recorded live at the (now defunct?) Baby Jupiter bar in New York City. The disc includes one track by Chris Barron & The Give Daddy 5: "Cop That The Robber" (track 11). Other artists on this album are Topaz, The Strokes, Crown Jewels and others. Currently out of print.

Teddybut - Songs In Tomato Sauce
(Kumpelstiltskin Records, 2001)

1. Happy Ending
2. We Gotta Break Up
3. Beach Bum
4. Mommy's Got a Bipolar Disorder
5. Friendly
6. Get Out of My Way
7. If You Could Be Atlas
8. I Can See Your Ghost
9. We're Too Loud
10. Sam Ash Saturday
11. Methane
12. My Stories
13. She Keeps Moving
14. New Suit/String Bass

Teddybut is Teddy Kumpel's band project that just released a second album in 2005. This is the Teddybut debut featuring lots of cool songs. Chris provides backing vocals to three tracks, for example to the legendary "Mommy`s Got A Bipolar Disorder". The album is available at the CD Baby store.

Chris Barron & The Give Daddy 5 - Just A Demonstration (3-track demo)
(unreleased, 2000)

1 When You're Done
2 Providence
3 Who's That

Three great tracks by Chris Barron & The Give Daddy 5 that unfortunately never saw the light of day - the title "Just A Demonstration" may be not the official title of the CD as it was never really released (it was mentioned with that title in Teddy Kumpel's discography, though).

Here's the story to the recording: In 2000, Chris started to gig again and he had a band called "Give Daddy 5" that supported him. The line-up changed from one show to the next, but the band built up a cool repertoire of Chris Barron solo songs in a jazzy band-line-up mood.

In summer 2000, the core members of the GD5 recorded five tracks at Peter Denenberg's ACME studios. The three tracks mentioned above as well as "Cop That The Robber" and "Teddy". Those two tracks weren't mastered, unfortunately. So all that is known from this recording session are the three tracks mentioned above. I'm not sure if those recordings were used as demo tapes for the GD5.

As far as I know, the following guys played on this EP:
Rob Clores - keyboards
(Erik Lawrence - sax) --> not sure here
Todd Horton - trumpet
Aaron Comess - drums
Teddy Kumpel - guitars
Tim Givens - bass

You can hear sound clips of all three tracks at Chris Barron's website.

The Moldy Peaches - The Moldy Peaches
(independently released in 2000, later officially released via Rough Trade records)

1. Lucky number nine
2. Jorge Regula
3. What went wrong
4. Nothing came out
5. Downloading porn with Davo
6. These burgers
7. Steak for chicken
8. On top
9. Greyhound bus
10. Anyone else but you
11 .Little bunny Foo Foo
12. The ballad of Helen Keller & Rip Van Winkle
13. Who's got the crack
14. Lucky charms
15. D. 2. boyfriend
16. I forgot
17. Lazy confessions
18. NYc's like Graveyard
19. Goodbye song

Chris adds some guitar playing ("Anyone") and some backing vocals ("Lucky charms") to this, uhhhmmm, strange album...

Faust - Songs From The Musical
(independently released, 1998)

1. O Glorious Power
2. Just a Stranger
3. I Met a Man
4. O, Earth
5. Valentine's Death Song
6. Doses
7. Love Makes You Feel
8. Buenos Aires
9. Here I Go
10. Lilith
11. Woe is Me
12. The Breakfast of Life Bonus: If This is Love (Finale)

A cool 20-minutes-EP including songs from the Faust musical - Chris not only composed and performed music for this musical, he also played Faust. Starring Chris Barron With: Melanie Brown, Bethany Burgess-Smith, Matt Daniels, Mara Flynn, Mark Greenfield, Marlayna Syms, Marcus Weiss.
Chris Barron – guitar, Mark Greenfield – guitar ("Here I Go," "Lilith"), Walter Kerr – accordion, Tom Ritchford – clarinet, Brad Stewart – trumpet, Marcus Weiss – drums Christopher Sly – bass. Book and lyrics by Kirk Wood Bromley. CD Produced by Chad Garcia. More information available at Chris' website. Currently out of print.

Chris Barron - Shag
(independently released, 1998)

1. I Know You Know
2. Teddy
3. Providence
4. To You
5. At The Stable
6. Cop That The Robber
7. Let's Try Again
8. It Knows The Difference
9. Gorilla Boy
10. Letter From The Nation
11. Real Thing
13. Rolling Stone (Bonus Ukulele Track)
14. Some Enchanted Evening (Bonus Ukulele Track)
15. 'Til There Was You (Bonus Ukulele Track)

Chris released this beautiful solo album back in 1998. Until today, this is one of the most breathtaking Spins-related albums. It documents Chris' songwriting genius and gives you a good overview on Chris' solo work. All lyrics are available at Chris' site and you can get the album via CD Baby.

Deepak & Friends - A Gift Of Love
(Tommy Boy Music, 1998)

1. Valentine to Rumi [Musical Prelude]
2. My Burning Heart
3. Bittersweet
4. Intoxicated by Love
5. Lover's Passion
6. Do You Love Me
7. Come to Me
8. Desire
9. Alchemy of Love
10. Caught in the Fire of Love
11. Awakening
12. I Am Yours
13. Behind the Scenes
14. Looking for Your Face
15. Meaning of Love
16. Aroused Passion
17. Dying to Love
18. Privileged Lovers
19. Precious Love
20. Surrender
21. Defeated by Love
22. Lost in the Wilderness
23. Mythical Lover
24. I Am and I Am Not
25. Agony of Lovers
26. Agony and Ecstasy of Divine Discontent
27. Mirror
28. Look at Your Eyes
29. Looking for Love
30. Some Kiss
31. Freshness
32. My Beloved
33. Hunt
34. Desire [Instrumental]
35. Lover's Madness [Instrumental]
36. Lover's Passion [Instrumental]

Spoken-Word-meets-New-Age-music album including poems by the Persian mystic Rumi. Meditation and new age "hero" Deepak Chopra translated Rumi poems into English, and recites them, joined by prominent people such as Madonna and Demi Moore. Chris Barron recites the poem "My Beloved". The whole track is about 28 seconds long. For hard core CB collectors, only. :-)

Blues Traveler - Traveler & Thieves
(A&M, 1991)

1. Tiding
2. Onslaught
3. Ivory Tusk
4. What's for Breakfast
5. I Have My Moments
6. Optimistic Thought
7. Best Part
8. Sweet Pain
9. All in the Groove
10. Support Your Local Emperor
11. Bagheera
12. Mountain Cry

Chris performs backing vocals on "All In The Groove".

Blues Traveler - Blues Traveler
(A&M, 1990)

1. But Anyway
2. Gina
3. Mulling It Over
4. 100 Years
5. Dropping Some NYC
6. Crystal Flame
7. Slow Change
8. Warmer Days
9. Gotta Get Mean
10. Alone
11. Sweet Talking Hippie

Chris doing backing vocals on "Dropping Some NYC".

Blues Traveler - Dropping Some NYC Demo
(independently released demo cassette, 1989)

1. Trust In Trust (Demo Version)
2. Out Of My Hands (Demo Version)
3. Dropping Some NYC (Demo Version)
4. 100 Years (Demo Version)
5. Crash Burn (Demo Version)
6. Weird Chick (Demo Version)
7. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Demo Version)
8. Sweet Talking Hippie (Demo Version)

Chris Barron sings backing vocals on the title track of this demo. Another version of this song was recorded a few months later, again, with Chris on backing vocals. The re-recording ended up on Blues Traveler's debut album. Thanks to Dave Mallick of bluestraveler.net for providing details about this demo tape.

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