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Aaron Comess Solo Discography
last update: 2014-03-03

Aaron is the Spin Doctors member with the largest solo catalogue. Besides recording and producing for lots of local and international artists, he's also released two critically acclaimed solo albums in 2006 and 2012. Here's a list of his work in descending chronological order, starting with the most recently released material.

Roswell Rudd - Trombone For Lovers
(Sunnyside Communications, released November 19th, 2013)

1. Ghost Riders In the Sky
2. Here, There & Everywhere
3. Baby, It's Cold Outside
4. Trouble In Mind
5. Struttin' with Some Barbeque
6. Sleepwalk
7. Autumn Leaves
8. Green Onions
9. Tennessee Waltz
10. Come Sunday
11. Unchained Melody
12. September Song
13. Funky Little Sweet Thing - Slow Dance for Fast Times
14. Joe Hill (trombone solo w/ piano accompaniment)
15. Joe Hill (NYC Labor Chorus & soloists)
16. Joe Hill - The Relentless Walk
17. Joe Hill - Joe Hill Will Never Die

Aaron plays drums on the entire album.

Garland Jeffreys - Truth Serum
(Luna Park Records, released September 17th, 2013)

1. Truth Serum
2. Any Rain
3. It's What I Am
4. Dragons to Slay
5. Is This The Real World
6. Ship Of Fools
7. Collide The Generations
8. Far Far Away
9. Colorblind Love
10. Revolution Of The Mind

Aaron plays drums on "Is This The Real World".

Dave Rave and Marc McCarron feat. Aaron Comess - Memphis Midnight
(Innsbruck Records, released March 4th, 2013)

1. On Your Getaway
2. On the Memphis Midnight Ride
3. News Came
4. Fortunate Boy (Where No One Knows)
5. Alinna
6. Bicycle
7. How to Start
8. Remembering
9. Open Fire
10. What Did Genevieve Think
11. For All Time

Aaron plays drums on all tracks of the album.

Amy Regan - Pretty Little Baby
(Amy Regan Music, released February 26th, 2013)

1. Pretty Little Baby
2. Sometimes I
3. Haven't Changed Yet
4. Getting Undressed
5. Afterthought
6. Hold Tight My Body
7. My Man
8. Wouldn't Be Surprised
9. Wise Love
10. On The TV Screen

Aaron plays drums on tracks 1 and 10.

Luke Dick - Abraco

(BMG, February 26th, 2013)

1. You Who
2. Everywhere
3. Águas de Março
4. Walking in the Night
5. Heaven Knows
6. Whatever
7. The Last Leaf
8. Esqueleta's Bones
9. No Hurry
10. I Want Everything
11. Connected

From the press release: "Abraço inspired by Abraço Espresso inspired by Um Abraço Bonfa inspired by the universe. For songs and stories pertaining to, visit lukedick.org". Aaron plays drums on track 3, "a great old gilberto song" (Aaron).

Doug Wamble - Fast As Years, Slow As Days
(independently released on January 22nd, 2013)

1. The Heart Collector
2. My Love
3. Dying Language
4. Halcyon
5. Slow Down
6. The Ghosts of Lonesome Lovers
7. Master Plan
8. Endlessly
9. Circle
10. By the Way
11. A Promise to California

Aaron plays drums on "By The Way".

Ben Butler - Truth In Guitars
independently released October 19th, 2012

1. Flatlands
2. The Work
3. Sparks
4. Blackwaterside
5. Exit 19
6. Bach Cello Suite
7. The Start
8. Long Way Back
9. Dreaming of Bamako
10. The Big 3
11. Our Ship Is Ready/Butler's Jig
12. On a Tuesday

Aaron plays drums on tracks 1, 2 and 9 and additional percussion on track 9.

She & The Sun - She & The Sun
independently released September 15th, 2012

1. Talk in Circles
2. Instant Gratification
3. Love in my Heart
4. Hell if I know
5. Bad Lover
6. While You're Young
7. Subtle as a Cloud
8. Keep Your Head Up
9. Mountains
10. Any Other Way
11. Turtle Dove

Aaron plays drums on tracks 1, 3 and 9.

David Rogue - Victim Of My Circumstance

Rk Roman Entertainment Group, released September 25th, 2012

1. Talk to Me
2. Breaking The Law
3. Victim of My Circumstance
4. Free Fall in Love
5. Hey Daddy
6. Waiting for You to Love Me
7. Ride
8. Why You Runnin'
9. All The Same Mistakes
10. Prisoner Of Love
11. Why Must You Laugh About
12. Right To Know

Aaron plays drums on a couple of songs on this Roman Klun produced release.

Osef - Modern Israeli Music Collection
released April 23rd, 2012

1. Hadag Nahash - Ani Ma'amin
2. Umlala - Unqualified Sailor
3. Eatliz - Lose this Child
4. Dana Berger & Itay Perl - Hine Bati Habaita
5. Shachar Gilad - Laoof
6. Alon Landa - Havera
7. Izabo - Slow Disco
8. Beit Habubot - Atem Teshvu Va'ani Asaper
9. Paula Valstein - It's all the same

10. Noria - High Tide
11. Nili Fink - Ma She'lo Tsarich
12. Daniela Spector - Ganey Gannim

Aaron played drums on Paula Valstein's track "It's All The Same". About the release: "Omanoot is proud to present Osef, a hand-picked collection of some of the most exciting names in the Israeli music scene. Osef brings Israel’s musical heartbeat to your ears, introducing you to a spectrum of well-established and up-and-coming Israeli talent. Support Israeli musicians and Omanoot - take Osef home, and spread the word. *Osef means “Collection” in Hebrew. About Omanoot: Omanoot, which means “art” in Hebrew, launched in January 2011 with the goal of bringing the beauty and depth of Israeli art and culture to the four corners of the earth. Our website (www.omanoot.com) promotes, sells, and educates the international public about Israeli literature, Israeli visual arts, Israeli music and Israeli film." Available via Bandcamp.

Joan Osborne - Bring It On Home
Saguaro Road Records, March 27, 2012

1. I Don’t Need No Doctor
2. Bring it On Home
3. Roll Like A Big Wheel
4. Game Of Love
5. Broken Wing
6. Shoorah! Shoorah!
7. I Want To Be Loved
8. Same Love That Made Me Laugh
9. Shake Your Hips
10. I’m Qualified
11. Champagne And Wine
12. Rhymes

New R'n'B-/soul-/blues album from Joan Osborne. Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Album will be released March 27th, 2012.

Kevin Bents - The Honors
independently released December 28, 2011

1. Not The Kind
2. What Heights We'll Hit
3. I Wait
4. On The Spot
5. Somebody Got A Hold
6. Not The Kind Reprise
7. Downtown
8. The Honors
9. Already Made Up Your Mind
10. Constant Contact
11. Sail Down The River

This album was recorded in New York and Berlin, as well as hotel rooms throughout Germany (while Kevin and Aaron were on tour with Westernhagen). Aaron plays drums on some of the tracks. Digital download available here, pyhsical CD to be released later in 2012.

Westernhagen - Hottentottenmusik Zugabe (live)
Kunstflug / Sony Music, November 24, 2011

1. Schinderhannes
2. Sexy
3. Wieder hier
4. Mit Pfefferminz bin ich Dein Prinz
5. Freiheit
6. Johnny W.

Encore EP in addition to the "Hottentottenmusik" album, only available with a special Westernhagen edition of Rolling Stone magazine.

Westernhagen - Hottentottenmusik (live)

Kunstflug / Sony Music, October 14, 2011

1. Jesus
2. Fertig
3. Wir haben die Schnauze voll
4. Durch deine Liebe
5. Willenlos
6. Nur ein Traum
7. Alleine
8. Mit 18
9. Lieben werde ich dich nie
10. Schweigen ist feige
11. Pfefferminzblues
12. Nurejev
13. Lichterloh
14. Engel

Recorded during Westernhagen's 2010 "Williamsburg" tour, Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Available on all major download stores.

Saul Zonana - It's Alive
independently released July 13, 2011

1. What's Your Name (Live)
2. The Shame of It (Live)
3. Thrill To Be Ill (Live)
4. Boogyman (Live)
5. PainKiller (Live)
6. What I'm Looking For (Live)
7. Hey Now (Live)
8. Idiot (Live)
9. Fool On a Bicycle (Live)
10. Holiday (Live)
11. Chasin' it (Live)

Live album by Saul Zonana: "The Saul Zonana band was captured LIVE in NYC on a great night and it sounds so good we turned it into an album for release. The band features Teddy Kumpel, Aaron Comess, Rich Hammond and Jack Petruzzelli and Saul." Available via CD Baby.

Rebecca Everett - YoYo

Ole, June 21, 2011

1. YoYo
2. Put Your Hands on Me
3. Moondrops
4. That's What We Wanted
5. Happy Together
6. Away

Recorded in New York with producer and engineer Roman Klun, Aaron on drums. Available via iTunes.

Roswell Rudd - The Incredible Honk
Sunnyside Records, June 14, 2011

1. Feeling Good
2. Dame La Mano
3. Berlin, Alexanderplatz
4. C'était Dans La Nuit
5. Arirang
6. Waltzin' With My Baby
7. Blue Flower Blue
8. Alone With The Moon
9. Kerhonkson: The Muse-ical
10. BRO
11. Ngoni Vortex
12. Airborne
13. Danny Boy

Aaron plays drums as a member von Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis' "Dream Band" on Track 1. Available on iTunes, Amazon etc.

Aaron Comess - Beautiful Mistake
independently released June 14, 2011

1. Truth
2. Beautiful Mistake
3. Past Present and Future
4. Kumpelicious
5. Morning Beach
6. Catskills Last Waltz
7. Dirt
8. Limbo
9. Unleash the Beast
10. Lulluby
11. High Five
12. Stinky
13. Bubble Blues
14. I Love You

Rave early reviews have preceded the June 14th release of drummer/guitarist/composer/producer Aaron Comess’ powerful new CD, ‘Beautiful Mistake’. [...] For Comess, who wrote and produced the album, ‘Beautiful Mistake’ marks an opportunity to step out of the shadows of his many notable collaborative efforts, and into the spotlight. He deftly creates sweeping songs that are emotive without words, leaving his commanding drum work and the ‘voice’ of his band’s electric guitar (Teddy Kumpel) and bass (Richard Hammond) to weave a dramatic soundscape. Available digitally and physically.

James Maddock - Wake Up And Dream
independently released June 17, 2011

1. Beautiful Now
2. Step Into the Water
3. Stella's Driving
4. Mr. Universe
5. You and Jean
6. Wake Up and Dream
7. Living a Lie
8. That's Where You're Wrong
9. Stoned on You
10. Love Is a Flower
11. Positive
12. Keep Your Dream

Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Available digitally and physically.

Todd Alsup - Todd Alsup
independently released May 24, 2011

1. Intro
2. I Feel
3. Let's Have A Party
4. The Way It Goes
5. Funniest Thing
6. The Only Thing
7. You Are
8. It's Always Monday
9. Something Worth Believing
10. Getting Gone
11. How I'm Made
12. The Good Figh

Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Album available on iTunes.

Mark Kostabi - Spectre Of Modernism
released on Innsbruck Records, May 18, 2011

1. Silence Of Spoleto
2. West Side Stroll
3. Raining In Rome
4. Freedom Tower
5. Distant Past
6. 1000 Kites
7. 8 Ball Nation
8. Walking On Stars
9. Baltic Madness
10. Exploding Sky

11. Sneaky Fingers

Mark Kostabi’s a new album, “The Spectre of Modernism” released in May, 2011 by Innsbruck Records, was produced by Grammy Nominee and multi-platinum award winning RK: Roman Klun and features guest appearances by Ornette Coleman, Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin, Aaron Comess, Richard Hammond, Pat Daugherty and Paul Kostabi. Aaron plays drums on the first 10 tracks.

Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata - The Hills Are Alive
independently released March 11, 2011

1. The Sound Of Music
2. Do-Re-Mi / Abc
3. Something Good
4. Edelweiss On High
5. The Lonely Goatherd
6. Maria
7. Climb Ev'ry Mountain
8. My Favorite Things
9. No Way To Stop It
10. I Have Confidence
11. Sixteen Going On Seventeen
12. So Long, Farewell

BRO is an instrumental quartet led by Peter Kiesewalter, founder and arranger of Grammy nominated Opera revisionists East Village Opera Company. Featuring the rhythm section from EVOC's tours and recordings, BRO's first project is a bold adaptation of the songs featured in Rodgers and Hammerstein's score to the classic musical "The Sound Of Music." Titled "The Hills Are Alive," the album is completed and will be released on March 8, 2011. The stellar group of guest singers includes Jane Siberry, Carole Pope (Rough Trade), Everett Bradley,Victoria Cave, Carolyn Leonhart, Dave Wall (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir), and TK Wonder. Aaron Comess plays drums on three tracks: Do-Re-Mi, Maria and Climb Ev'ry Mountain. Available via iTunes and Amazon.

Open Hearts Society - Love In Time
independently released March 9, 2011

1. Love In Time
2. Lincoln’s Feet
3. One Place
4. Only Home
5. Boatbuilders
6. Freedom
7. Pass The Buck
8. Waiting On Love
9. Sarah

"Rural folk boogie" from Eric Schenkman, Chris Brown and Sarah McDermott. Nine songs written and recorded at the old Post Office on Wolfe Island, inspired by Mother Nature and Human Nature. The trio is joined on the album by many near and dear, including drumming legend Anton Fier, Eric’s Spin Doctors bandmate Aaron Comess, Kate Fenner, Sarah Harmer, Joan Wasser and many others. Produced by Eric Schenkman and Chris Brown. Available on iTunes or via Indiepool.

New York Electric Piano - Keys To The City Volumes 1 & 2
released January 26th, 2011

1 The Modern World
2 Very Nice
3 Planet Spins Around
4 Temple Dog
5 Incantation
6 Scrapple for the Apple
7 Dance of the Hours
8 The Day I Fell for You
9 N.Y.E.P.
10 Power of Peace
11 This Time its On
12 I Want Love
13 Life Comes Into Being
14 In This Land

1 Fast Food Socrates
2 Instrumental Health
3 Tears of a Skyscraper
4 Area 6 7 8
5 Dode's Blues
6 2nd Millennium Rag
7 Rocket the Pocket
8 Deep Time Waltz
9 Knock Turn

Another NYEP release, this time the band features Teddy Kumpel on guitar and Erik Lawrence on saxophone as well as other additional band members. As always, Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Available via iTunes and CD Baby.

James Maddock - Live At Rockwood Music Hall

released November 30th, 2010

1. When The Sun's Out
2. Chance
3. Never Ending
4. Stars Align
5. Prettier Girls
6. Like An Old Song
7. Sunrise On Avenue C
8. Straight lines
9. Hollow Love
10. Fragile
11. Dumbed Down

This CD was recorded live in concert on August 18th 2010 at the Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 in New York City. Produced and engineered by Iestyn Polson, the recording captures the magic of James with his fans in the place where it all started. Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Available on iTunes and via James Maddock's store.

True Nature - You Shouldn't Have To Shout So Loud
released September 14th, 2010

1. You Shouldn't Have To Shout So Loud
2. Only Love
3. One Soul
4. My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun (Intro)
5. My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun (Radio Edit)
6. New Father

A companion EP to the 2009 release "Feels Like Centuries". Aaron plays drums on the entire EP. Available via iTunes, eMusic and most other music stores.

Saul Zonana - Phatso
20/20 music release, June 2010

1. Boogyman
2. Phatso
3. Mr. Pulsfus
4. Idiot
5. Waiting For Nothing
6. About You
7. In The Moment
8. Thrill To Be Ill
9. Really Expensive Cream
10. Direction
11. Try
12. Beyond the Sky

Aaron played drums on the last track of this album. Available via iTunes and CD Baby.

Mighty Kate - Mighty Kate
released February 8th, 2010

1. Better Days
2. Two Apples
3. 200 Stories
4. Fly on the Wall
5. Underneath
6. Deep Below
7. Story of My Life
8. How I Love You
9. To Yesterday
10. Lost at Sea
11. Overflow
12. Epitaph

Katy Pfaffl alias Mighty Kate. Uplifting piano-based pop music. Aaron played drums on the album. Available via iTunes and Amazon.

Treas – Treas
independently released September 2nd, 2009

1. I Don't Know
2. Mind At Ease

3. Seas
4. Bitter Remedy
5. The Girl With The Yellow Umbrella

Aaron about the EP: „i produced it and played drums on it..we did it all live in my studio...i did three songs bitter remedy ,I don’t know and mind at ease....all live no overdubs at all.“ Available at iTunes, Amazon MP3 etc.

Jonah Smith – Lights On
independently released August 18th, 2009

1.Love Gets Lost
2.Cabin Fever
4.Lights On
5.World Without Love
6.Mrs. Cooper
7.Open Up The Door
8.Can’t Find My Way Home

9.Built For Two
10.Gold And Green
11.I Know What You’re Talking About

Aaron Comess – drums (#8, #11). Available as mp3 download on Jonah's website.

Tam Lin – Begin Again
released July 1st, 2009

1. Begin Again
2. The Age Of Ignorance
3. Anna Lee
4. In The Twilight

Aaron plays all the drums on this ep. Parts of the EP were recorded at His House Studios. Available on iTunes, Amazon etc.

Natalie Warner – Strange Bird
released June 9th, 2009

1. Last This Time
2. Strange Bird
3. Love Killer
4. I Will Take You Under
5. Range

Aaron co-wrote the title track „Strange Bird“, but he's not playing on this ep. Availabe on iTunes.

Various Artists – A World Of Happiness (Bonus Track Version)
Koch Records, released May 5th, 2009

1. Introduction - Sydnie Leolani Hyams
2. A World of Happiness - Lou Rawls
3. In the Details - Lisa Loeb
4. Just Ask - Illeana Douglas & Gary Oldman
5. The Grumps - Isaac Hayes
6. Don'tcha Wanna Know? - Deborah Harry
7. The Jiggles - Bradley Whitford & Jane Kaczmarek
8. Tatum The Toad - Michael Wincott
9. The Patience Bossa - Perry Farrell & Deborah Harry
10. Knowa' the Cat - Samuel L. Jackson
11. What Could Be Better? - Annette O'Toole & Michael McKean
12. The Possibilities - Rosanna Arquette
13. Kassandra the Snake - Gretchen Parlato
14. Use Your Words - George Wendt and the Velvet Snazzletones
15. Little Me - Magic Johnson
16. The Same Ground - Tor Hyams
17. Syd and Lou Lullaby - Gary Oldman & Gretchen Parlato
18. A World of Happiness (Reprise) - Lou Rawls and the kids
19. Outro Lilli Elias and Luke Shmuger
20. Sleepytime in Kentucky (Bonus Track) – Joan Osborne
21. Daddy Loves You (bonus Track) – Edwin McCain
22. New Moon (Bonus Track) – Perry Farrell

Aaron played drums on Joan Osbourne's track „Sleepytime in Kentucky“. Bonus track version of the CD available on iTunes and other major online stores.

Texas Slim – Driving Blues
released April 2009 (Europe), August 18th, 2009 (US)

1. Welcome to the Game
2. Driving Blues
3. Three Bridges Blues
4. You're Hip
5. Funky Love
6. Deville
7. When Its Cold Outside
8. High Alert
9. Coffee Shop Girl
10. Cool with the Flow
11. Country Home
12. And It Is
13. Jacqui's House

Another Texas Slim album – Aaron plays drums on the album. Appearantly, there are two different covers for the album – the darker one for the US version, the more colourful one for the European release. Both versions are available via Amazon (either US or Europe, that is).

James Maddock - Sunrise On Avenue C
Ascend Records, released August 11th, 2009

1. chance 3:40
2. prettier girls 4:20
3. stars align 4:56
4. sunrise on avenue c 6:54
5. when the suns out 5:00
6. when you go quiet 4:11
7. hollow love 4:16
8. ruins 4:28
9. fragile 4:44
10. dumbed down 3:36
11. straight lines 3:38
12. together 4:50

Aaron played drums on the entire record. Available via iTunes, Amazon and most other online music stores.

Leslie Mendelson - Swan Feathers
Rykodisc, released April 21st, 2009

1. I Know You Better Than That 3:19
2. So Far So Bad 3:15
3. Rest Of London 3:44
4. I See Myself With You 3:55

5. Easy Love 4:09
6. Hit The Spot 3:34
7. If I Don't Stop Loving You 3:39
8. Turn It Over 3:26
9. No Easy Way Out 4:44
10. Be My Baby 3:21
11. Goodnight 2:34

Aaron played drums on tracks 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9. Some of the music was recorded at His House Studios. Available everywhere.

Pancho's Lament - 3 Sides To Every Story
independently released January 2009

1 Hey Love
2 Sunday Morning Shine
3 Let Me Love You
4 Following Alice
5 Can't Kick the Habit
6 Love Is a Ghost
7 I Am Always Wrong
8 Nothing If Not Love
9 Kaleidoscope
10 Don't Forget the Roses
11 Listening Sky

Third album by Jeff Cohen's band project Pancho's Lament. Track One features Aaron on drums, Chris is doing some backing vocals on the album, too. Available via CD Baby or iTunes.

True Nature - Feels Like Centuries
(independently released January 2009)

1 Truth I Have To Steel (Simple Heart)
2 The Color Of Daylight
3 My Freedom Lies Behind The Sun
4 Woman
5 Too Close To See Who We Are

True Nature is the brain child of New York musician Lou Barlow. The EP "Feels Like Century" was recorded at Aaron Comess' studio in 2006/2007. Aaron also played drums and produced the whole disc that also features Chris on backing vocals. Available via CD Baby or iTunes.

Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis - My Precious Bird
(independently released, 2008)

1 Soldier Boy
2 I Love You, I Love You, I Love You
3 Everything Must Change (Theme)
4 Everything Must Change
5 Lovely Face
6 Clouds
7 Pretty

8 Let It Ride
9 Throw It Down
10 My Precious Bird
11 Delicious
12 The Big Cry

In Aaron's own words, this is "cool quirky stuff" from NYC musician Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis. As a member of "Ivan's Dream Band", a "rotating cast of some of New York City's best and most in demand musicians" (Rubenstein-Gillis), Aaron plays drums on some of the tracks and plans to record more music with Ivan in the near future. Available via CD Baby.

New York Electric Piano - King Mystery
(independently released, Buffalo Puppy Records, October 20, 2008)

1 10 to 11
2 The Black Hole, the Lasso & the Loophole
3 Why Are We Here
4 The Wheel
5 Temple Tantrum
6 Fireblossom
7 Too New to Know
8 King Mystery
9 Hymn Including
10 The Beauty of Ambiguity
11 Legend of Baj
12 I Shot the Deputy
13 Road to Newport

On their fifth regular album, NYEP expand their sound and line-up from the well-known trio of Pat Daugherty, Tim Givens and Aaron into a bigger band including vocalists, (Deanna Kirk, again), sax and flutes players etc. The result is a very entertaining CD, and most likely NYEP's most diverse album so far. Recorded by Aaron in His House Studios. Buy this album from CD Baby.

Kevin Bents - The Means
(independently released, 2008)

1 Givin' It All Away (For Jeff)
2 Heart of Hearts
3 My Love Save the Day
4 Fool On the Moon
5 Writing On the Wall
6 Don't Want to Lose
7 Means to Goodbye
8 After the Ball
9 Good Life
10 Only You Only Me

Aaron describes Kevin's music as "excellent, crafted pop" and plays drums on three tracks of the album. Chris Barron provides backing vocals for the song "Don't Want To Lose". Available at CD Baby.

Saul Zonana - Chapter 1 2000-2007
(2020 Music / Redeye Distribution, September 1, 2008)

1 Amazing Grace
2 I'll Be Alright
3 Will You Be Down
4 Bette
5 Fool On a Bicycle
6 Holiday
7 Painkiller
8 What's Your Name
9 Hey Now
10 Run for It
11 Silver Jacket
12 Chasin' It
13 Like Anyone Would
14 If I Don't
15 Broken Home
16 Mr Blue

This Saul Zonana Compilation CD is a group of songs gathered from all of Saul's past CD's from 2000 to 2007 including some (previously released) songs featuring Aaron on drums. Buy this album from CD Baby.

Saul Zonana - Blue Monkey
(2020 Music / Redeye Distribution, August 19, 2008)

1 The Midget King
2 Karma
3 Even
4 Sayso
5 What I'm Looking For
6 The Shame of It
7 Isn't There Someone
8 Spaghetti Overload
9 Strange and Extraordinary
10 You Know Better (Bette Part Ii)
11 Ju Ju Bean/the Older the Better

Another great album with music by Saul Zonana, recorded at Aaron's studios and featuring Aaron on drums on all tracks. Other than Mr. Comess, this album also includes guitars by Teddy Kumpel (of Comess, Kumpel, Katz and Chris Barron & The Give Daddy Five). Buy this album from CD Baby.

RK: Roman Klun - Kingsway
(independently released, Innsbruck Records, August 15, 2008)

1 Stairs On the Hill
2 Whisper Kiss
3 River Red
4 More Than This
5 Something You Said
6 Love Your Radio
7 Angel
8 Nigel
9 Between the Lines
10 New York Lady
11 Street Artists

Third solo album by Roman Klun (guitarist for Shania Twain, drummer, producer, mix engineer). Aaron played drums on a few tracks (e.g. Nigel), and several tracks were recorded at His House Studios. Buy this album from CD Baby.

Carrie Rodriguez - She Ain't Me
(Manhattan Records, August 5th, 2008)

1. Infinite Night

2. She Ain't Me
3. Rag Doll
4. Absence
5. El Salvador
6. Mask of Moses
7. Big Mistake
8. Grace
9. Let Me In
10. El Dorado
11. Can't Cry Enough

Critically acclaimed sophomore album by Carrie Rodriguez featuring Aaron on all tracks except the title track "She Ain't Me". Available in all major stores, both digitally and physically.

John Hegner - 254
(independently released, May 28th, 2008)

1 Mansion
2 Blind Faith
3 Roll
4 Can't Go On
5 Message To You
6 Arms Of Love
7 Green Tea
8 The Other Side
9 Living Bell
10 Love Arcade
11 R.I.T.M.

Light, uplifting pop music featuring Aaron on drums throughout the whole album. Available digitally through SNOCAP, physical copy available directly from the artist. Check John Hegner's Myspace site for details.

Will King - Edmund Pettus Bridge (How Long, Not Long)
(youtube video release, March 10th, 2008)

From Will King's website: "On May 25th, 2007 Will King entered the studio with drummer/percussionist Aaron Comess to record Edmund Pettus Bridge [How Long, Not Long], a song derived from a recent Civil Rights quest." Will plans to release this track on an upcoming album. For lyrics and more details about the song, check the YouTube site.

Peter Rainbird - Dust: Fragments From A Journey
(independently released, 2006/2008)

Dust EP (2006)

1 When We Arrive
2 Dust
3 Altogether Elsewhere
4 The Old Enemy

Fragments From A Journey CD (2008)

1 Circling
2 Burn
3 Stand in Beauties Way
4 Wings and Weapons
5 Opium Mouth
6 Waiting for the Miracle
7 When We Arrive
8 She Moved Through the Fair
9 Altogether Elsewhere
10 Come In

Great two disc album from a Toronto-based songwriter originally from the UK. The more recent part of the package, Fragments From A Journey, has Aaron on drums on four tracks. Recording took place around the time when Aaron made his solo album with Bill Dillon and Tony Levin, who appear on this release, too. You can buy the album via CD Baby.

Always Know – Christopher MC
released November 19th, 2007

1 Always Know

Single track, Aaron playing drums. Available on iTunes.

Brian Speaker - Off This Planet
(independently released, 2007)

1 Waverly Place
2 Aliens
3 Roses
4 Yeah Yeah Yeah (dem blues)
5 Into the Unknown
6 April Dawn
7 I Need You

8 Roam
9 The Ghost
10 Push Back
11 Y'all Come Back

Second album by NYC antifolk scene member Brian Speaker that has Aaron playing drums on a few tracks. Available via CD Baby.

Jamie Laboz - The Green Album
free album, September 2007

1. Electric Guitar
2. Mr. Jones
3. The Inner Light
4. Flying Into The Sun
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. People Of The Burning Sun
7. The Joint
8. Look To The Ocean
9. The Darkness
10. Alive
11. The Answer

Aaron plays drums on all tracks.

Tape-Op review of The Green Album: " A home-recorded concept album based around an idea of a guitar-less future society? Shades of Rush's 2112? Jamie was in issue 57, with the story of how he started writing incidental and jingle music from his modest home studio. Here he puts the studio to work, playing almost all the instruments and singing, tracking, mixing, and mastering in the box, even downloading drum tracks from his pal Aaron Comess via email! The recording is high quality - I don't hear balance problems or crummy room ambience that plague so many home recordings. This is an excellent psychedelic pop album, and since you can download it for free off his site or buy a CD version, there's no reason not to check it out." Download the album here.

James Maddock - Strategies For Life EP
(Razor & Tie Publishing, April 2007)

1. When The Stars Align
2. When You Go Quiet
3. Dumb Down
4. Hollow Love

5. Fragile
6. Strategies for Life
7. Making Memories

Aaron plays drums on this fantastic EP by James Maddock. The music resembles David Gray, Eels, Nick Drake, but it sounds truly unique nevertheless. Here's what Aaron told us about his collaboration with James: "James Maddock is an awesome singer /songwriter who I have been playing around town a lot with. he is really great. I met him when I played on his last band Wood's record about 5 years ago for Columbia. The record never came out but we became good friend. he now has a deal with razor and tie and has an EP out. [...] Really great organic songs." Indeed. Available via iTunes and other online music stores. Check James' MySpace for more details.

New York Electric Piano - Blues In Full Moon
(independently released, Buffalo Puppy Records, April 2nd, 2007)

1. Functuation
2. Hipnosis
3. Blues in Full Moon
4. Once Upon A Time
5. War is the New Peace
6. Satellite
7. Son of Thunderbolt
8. Divine Corners
9. Dancing Bear
10. Wanderer
11. Bounce This Puppy

Fourth NYEP album, another gem - as great as their debut and "Citizen Zen". Produced by Pat Daugherty, recorded and mixed by Aaron at His House / Catskills. As always with NYEP, Aaron plays drums on all tracks. Peter Denenberg, who was involved in most of the Spin Doctors' releases, mixed this album at Acme Studios. Available via CD Baby.

Peter Murray - Ants And Angels

(independently released, 2006)

1 Gen X DJ on E
2 Skydiver Friends
3 Lucky to Breathe
4 Never Easy
5 Where Do You Go
6 Live Alone
7 Murray vs. the Ants
8 Ears Make Wax
9 Angels
10 The Ark
11 Heavy Sleeper

Solo debut album by bass player / songwriter Peter Murray from Toronto, Canada. Aaron plays drums on some tracks. Available via CD Baby.

Saul Zonana - Love Over Money

(2020 Music / Redeye Distribution, October 31st, 2006)

1. Like Anyone Would
2. Mr. Blue
3. Two Different Things

4. If I Don't
5. Lifting You
6. Broken Home
7. We'll Sing
8. Feelin OK
9. Midnight Rain
10. Let It Go

Cool new album by Saul Zonana, once again with Aaron Comess drumming on four tracks. Album is highly recommended, available via CD Baby.

Aaron Comess - Catskills Cry
(independently released, Hey Boy Music / 2020 Music, October 31st, 2006)

1. Flower
2. 3:33 am
3. Africa
4. Catskills Cry
5. Ode to Atilla
6. Future
7. Lulluby for Bkuzmo
8. Cap Juluca
9. Sky
10. Seven - Six
11. Zapped

Aaron's first solo album - a stunning collection of instrumental tracks, recorded with Bill Dillon (guitar) and Tony Levin (bass). Recorded in February 2006 at Flymax Studios, Woodstock, NY and at Aaron's His House Studios in New York, NY by Roman Klun. Mixed by Roman Klun, mastered by Peter Denenberg at Acme Studios, Mamaroneck, NY. Produced by Aaron Comess. SD-Archive review here, CD available here.

Marc Cohn - The Very Best of Marc Cohn
Atlantic / WEA, released June 20, 2006

1. Walking In Memphis
2. True Companion
3. Silver Thunderbird
4. Ghost Train
5. Perfect Love
6. Dig Down Deep
7. Walk Through The World
8. The Rainy Season
9. Rest For The Weary
10. Paper Walls
11. The Things We've Handed Down
12. Lost You In The Canyon
13. Saints Preseve Us
14. Olana
15. Turn On Your Radio
16. Fallen Angels
17. Healing Hands
18. One Safe Place (Live)

Greatest Hits-compilation including "Saints Preserve Us", a track featuring Aaron on drums. Available everywhere.

East of Broadway: A benefit for Fourth Arts Block
released independently in 2005

1. My Little Corner of the World by Yo La Tengo 2:27
2. Cradle and All by Ani DiFranco 4:21
3. Double Feature by Luna 4:31
4.In My Heart by Moby 4:36
5.Luckyday by Rachelle Garniez 4:24
6. Turn the Lights Off by Gina Young 3:45
7. Picciaridu by Matt Munisteri and BROCKMUMFORD 3:27
8. Maybe I'm Lost by The Jazz Passengers (with Deborah Harry) 5:25
9. Second Avenue by Spacehog 3:01
10. Shiny, Shiny Pimpmobile by East River Pipe 3:42
11. Flowers From Hell by Malevo 3:33
12. Now's Another Time by The John Tank Group 5:37
13. Trudy's Delight by Burt Eckoff 5:15
14. Nearest Cloud by Last Forever 2:54
15. Beautyway by Deanna Kirk 4:09
16. In The Thick Of It by Freedom Art Quartet 5:22
17. Ten Thousand Things by Warren Smith 5:24 C
18. Closing by Philip Glass 5:53

Aaron: drums on Deanna Kirk's „Beautyway“. Same version as on Deanna Kirk's 2002 album „Beautyway“. Available at CD Baby.

Mitch Linker - Mitch Linker
(independently released, B.S.D. Productions, September 2005)

1. All Of The Love
2. Want Me Around
3. Break Up The Band
4. Time On My Hands
5. Nobody Danced Tonight
6. Holding On
7. Come Over
8. It's Too Late
9. I'll Talk You Down
10. Out Of My Head
11. New York

Solo album by Day Traders- / The Dent-singer Mitch Linker. A cool collection of nice pop songs performed by a guy with a remarkable and unique voice. Includes "Out Of My Head" with Aaron on drums - it's exactly the same version as on the Day Traders' debut album (see below). The disc is worth listening anyway, as the other tracks are too good to be ignored, too. Available via CD Baby.

Chris Whitley- Soft Dangerous Shores
(Messenger Records, July 26, 2005)

1. Fireroad (For Two)
2. Soft Dangerous Shores
3. As Day Is Long
4. Valley Of Innocents
5. City Of Women
6. Times Square Machine (N.Y.C. February 1991)
7. Her Furious Angels
8. Last Million Miles
9. Medicine Wheel
10. End Game Holiday
11. Breath Of Shadows

Aaron plays drums on "Last Million Miles", an interesting and a bit weird-sounding experimental song that fits perfectly into the whole album. Produced by Malcolm Burn in July 2004.

New York Electric Piano - Citizen Zen
(Midlantic Records, May 2005)

1. Glide
2. Citizen Zen
3. Blaze a Trail
4. Birds of Paradise
5. Under the Stars
6. Open Soul
7. Blues for Curley
8. Miles Glorioso
9. Tongue and Groove
10. Fender Rhode Island
11. What Max Told Me
12. Hot Springs

The third NYEP album by Pat, Tim and Aaron and the first one on the jazz label Midlantic Records. Other than "War Oracle", this album is all-instrumental again and is similar to the legendary first NYEP release. Wonderful light, improvisational jazz sketches and a truly unique sound.
Produced by David Eyges and Pat Daugherty. The CD includes very interesting liner notes by Bill Milkowski about NYEP's history. Another good reason to get this one - highly recommended.

Saul Zonana- 42 Days
(20/20 Music, April 2005)

1. Silver Jacket
2. What We Are
3. Thinking
4. I Try
5. Hey Now
6. Run For It
7. Every Now and Then
8. Do You Believe Her
9. Chasing it
10. Head On
11. Heavy Metal Son

Once again, Mr. Zonana delivers a great pop album which is highly Beatles influenced and brings some great pop rock tunes. Aaron joins Saul for some drumming on three tracks. Available everywhere.

Rachael Yamagata - Happenstance
(RCA, June 8, 2004)

1. Be Be Your Love
2. Letter Read
3. Worn Me Down
4. Paper Doll
5. I’ll Find A Way
6. 1963
7. Under My Skin
8. Meet Me By The Water
9. Even So
10. I Want You
11. Reason Why
12. Moments With Oliver
13. Quiet

Aaron toured a lot with Rachel Yamagata in 2004. This is Rachel's second album and it has Aaron on drums and percussion on 6 tracks. Wonderful album with a lot of great songs. Produced by John Alagia. Available at amazon.com.

The Day Traders - The Day Traders
(Independently released in late 2004)

1. Tonight I Wanna Be Sad
2. Why
3. Out of My Head
4. Sorry About the Time
5. Worry About You
6. The Night They Said Goodbye
7. Fantasy
8. Goodnight
9. Work It Out
10. Someone Else Will
11. Come Home

One of the best power-pop albums I've heard in a while. Catchy songs, beautiful singing and a very good production - in a better world, records like this one would be huge, huge hits. Our dear friend Aaron played drums on a few tracks. Available via CD Baby. And highly, highly recommended.

New York Electric Piano - War Oracle
(Independently released, 2004)

1. Drive the War
2. Thunderbolt
3. In The Beginning
4. Here in the Land
5. Sea Monster
6. Weapons of Mass Distraction
7. Balladeer
8. All the Colors
9. Prism Dance
10. Four White Men
11. Survival of the Fattest

After the great NYEP debut from 2002, this one was kind of a letdown for me. Well, the music is just not as "free" and "floating" as on the first record and I don't like Pat's singing that much. Nevertheless, the album includes some good jams and some instrumental tracks. Aaron played drums, worked as engineer and producer and did all that at His House Studios. Available via CD Baby.

Rachael Yamagata - EP
(Private Music Records, October 7, 2003)

1. Collide
2. Known For Years
3. Worn Me Down
4. The Reason Why
5. Would You Please
6. These Girls (hidden track)

The debut release of young singer Rachel Yamagata. Aaron plays drums and percussion on three tracks. In Print. Available at amazon.com.

Eva - Imported
(Kick Records, WEA, HCL Warner, August 18, 2003)

1. See Me
2. In My Mind
3. The More You Give
4. Home
5. Run Away
6. Here We Go Again
7. Could You Be
8. Sparrow
9. Instead
10. Do You Want Me
11. Trust Me
12. No
13. Between The Lines

Eva is a Hamburg, Germany-based singer. Aaron played percussion on the tracks 1, 2 and 5 and drums on track 11. Album produced by Kevin Bents. In Print.

Giacomo Aula - The Looking Glass Session
(Soulsearch Music, 2003)

1. Blue Rose (Horton)
2. Maggio (Aula)
3. Sunny, Oh (Horton)
4. What Are You Doing (Legrand)
5. Canzone Per Nino Rota (Aula)
6. Ania (Aula)
7. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Brel)
8. Maddalena (Horton)
9. Lonely Man (Horton)
10. The Plainfield Boy (Aula)

Another Todd Horton-produced and -released album featuring Aaron on drums. From the Soulsearch Music site: "Pianist and composer Giacomo Aula was born and raised in Lagonegro, Italy. He has performed and/or recorded with Eliot Zigmund, James Newton, Larry Schneider, Peter Erskine, Enrico Rava, Paul Fresu and a host of Italian Jazz stars. Aula's romantic sensibility and passionate style brings to the classic format of the Jazz quartet a quality reminiscent of the late great Art Tatum. His technical virtuosity, combined with his background and influence by Italian composers such as Nino Rota and Enrico Pieranunzi, gives way to a fresh, compelling and international look at contemporary Jazz."

Old friends playing together on this one: Deanna Kirk sings on two tracks, Tim Givens plays the bass, Aaron on drums and Soulsearch mastermind Todd Horton plays trumpet and flugelhorn. Available via iTunes.

Eric Triton - Bluers Dan Mwa
(Polydor Europe, 2003)

01. Blues dan mwa
02. Aio aio
03. Armstong
04. La musique est son dieu
05. Dan koin l'église
06. Robin
07. Sauver le blues
08. L'unité
09. Sweet speed swing

Eric Triton is an artist from South Africa. Aaron plays drums on this album. Out of print.

Whatsa - Magica
(Soulsearch Music, 2003)

CD 1 ("Volume One"):

1. Magica mp3
2. Ba mp3
3 Poem mp3
4. Drink Mix
5. Whatsa
6. Beauty
7. Jungle
8. Pretty
9. Tea Time
10. Snuggle
11. Spy
12. Lost

CD 2 ("Volume Two"):

1. Doudou
2. Dark Love
3. Romp
4. Good Friday
5. Hank
6. Spy
7. Waits
8. Triple Goddess
9. Downtown

Great improvisational stuff with a lot of cool musicians from the Spins family: Todd Horton - trumpet, alto horn; Hans Teuber - saxes and flute; Pat Daugherty - rhodes & organ; Teddy Kumpel - guitar; Mamadou Ba - bass; Aaron Comess - drums.

An independent release that seems to be available in different versions. At CD Baby, they sell one "Magica" CD which comes as a 2-CD-set including all the tracks mentioned above, but in a different track order. The tracklist here is taken from the Soulsearch Music site where the "Magica" album is divided into two volumes.

From the Soulsearch Music site: "The basic tracks for Magica were recorded live in the studio in three hours. Some of the tracks are based on sketches brought in by Todd Horton to employ a compositional approach to improvising. The result is a daring collection of high energy grooves and inspired exchange."

Todd Horton - Dedication
(Soulsearch Music, 2003)

1. Lullabye Of The Leaves
2. Half Nelson
3. How Insensitive
4. Footprints
5. I Thought About You
6. Tune Up
7. Stardust
8. Straight, No Chaser
9. That's All

A collection of jazz standards performed live by Todd Horton with Brian Charette (piano), Tim Givens and Aaron Comess. An older live recording with a great sound and feel. Get it at CD Baby, if you want.

Todd Horton - Seasons
(Soulsearch Music, 2003)

1. Tosca
2. Seasons
3. Pre-Op
4. New Digs
5. Quest
6. X
7. Nosey
8. Zinpin
9. Toys
10. Vexed
11. Anne Marie

A beautiful jazz album filled with original Todd Horton tunes. Highly recommended! The players on this record are Rob Reich (guitar), Tim Givens (bass) and Aaron Comess on drums. And the wonderful Todd Horton (trumpet, flugelhorn), of course. Available via CD Baby.

The Contes - Bleed Together
(Thunderdog Records, 2003)

1. So Much For Love
2. Out of My Head
3. Bleed Together
4. My Brilliant Star
5. Mr. Crossing Lady
6. Bossa Nova Sunday
7. Still Not Dead
8. The Diner Song
9. Bad Jesus
10. As Sane As Jane
11. Hand Me Down Days
12. Don't Tempt Me

Strange, but somehow lovely power-pop album with an experimental edge, I'd say. The Conte brothers present a handful of good tunes on this album, and Aaron helps them with playing the drums on two tracks. Once again, you can get this CD at CD Baby.

Chris Belden - Songs About Anything
(Spankytone Records, 2003)

1. Helpless
2. Need to Know
3. Quacks Like Love
4. Australia
5. Around She Goes
6. The Few Things I Know About Her
7. I Never Knew Your Name
8. Loose Lips
9. It Could Happen to You
10. Hey
11. Parachute
12. I Will Not Be There
13. Goodnight, Again
14. Song About Anything

A really beautiful album by singer, writer, actor and artist Chris Belden. "Songs About Anything" brings you lots of light pop songs with impressive lyrics, performed in a very original way. Aaron plays drums and percussion on all tracks. It's available at... CD Baby, right.

Sound Intoxication - Sound Intoxication
(independently released, 2002)

1. The Loft
2. Chains
3. Forever Left Unknown
4. Think Twice
5. To Have and To Hold
6. On My Way
7. 15 Minutes of Fame
8. That's Where I Find You
9. And It Stoned me
10. Nothing Left to Say
11. Spiral Walkway

The band project by young NYC singer and guitar wizard Seth Feinberg (Seth Winters). The Sound Intoxication album delivers great, fast rock music and some pretty cool songs (15 Minutes, Chains, and the cool Van Morrisson-cover of "And It Stoned Me"). Aaron plays drums on all tracks, and the whole album was recorded and produced at His House Studios. Aaron even played some keyboards. The album is available via CD Baby.

Texas Slim - I Have Arrived
(Independently released, 2002)

01. The Best Stuff In Town
02. Easy Street
03. Super Hero Morning Brew
04. Drama Queen
05. Code Off The Collar
06. I Have Arrived
07. Mind Framed
08. Cowtown Rain Dance
09. 20th Century Woman
10. Whiskey Mama
11. NYC Pride
12. The Best Stuff In Town (Reprise)

Awesome blues-rock album. A pleasure to listen to, some great blues tunes. Featuring Aaron on drums and as producer. Standout track: "Super Hero Morning Brew". Wow.
Produced by Aaron and recorded at His House Studios. Available here.

Papa Dee - The Man Who Couldn't Say No

From Aaron's website: "Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, Engineer, His House Studios" - that's what he contributed to this out of print record.

New York Electric Piano - New York Electric Piano
(Independently released, 2002)

1. Space Travel
2. I'll Take The Apple
3. Democrazy
4. Hidden Path
5. So Be It
6. Central Parker
7. Dreamboat
8. Split Three Ways
9. 13th St. Hummingbird
10. East Village Buffalo Puppy
11. Blues In Orbit
12. Last Soldier

The first NYEP album and a real classic: Pat Daugherty, Tim Givens and Aaron playing out-of-space-acid jazz music. All instrumental, and wonderful. To me, this is one of Aarons best solo works ever. Visit CD Baby to order it or read rave reviews about this album.

Deanna Kirk - Beautyway
(Independently released in 2002)

1. I Took You, I Let Him Go
2. Beautyway
3. Modern World
4. Mystical Love Poem
5. Shirley Temple Girl
6. I'll Always Be Your Girl
7. Dance of the Hours
8. Marriage of Roses
9. Silence Remembers Everything
10. Sweetest Place
11. Still Walking with You
12. Sleep

Deanna's third studio album and the second one featuring Aaron. He played drums on all tracks and also produced this album together with Pat Daugherty. It's a lovely and warm jazz-pop album that sometimes reminiscenes artists such as Norah Jones. Available via CD Baby.

Bilal - 1st Born Second
(Universal, July 30, 2001)

1. Intro
2. For You
3. Fast Lane
4. Reminisce (feat. Mos Def, Common)
5. All That I Am (Something For The People)
6. Sally
7. Sometimes
8. Love It
9. C'mere
10. Soul Sista
11. When Will You Call
12. Queen Of Sanity
13. Love Poems
14. You Are
15. Home
16. Slyde
17. Second Child

Aaron submitted drums and bass to some of the tracks of this R'n'B album, some of the stuff was produced in His House Studios. Ex-Spin Doctors member Eran Tabib (1997-1999) plays guitar on tracks 12 and 13. Easily available online.

Swati - Demo

(unreleased, 2000)

1. Sick
2. Make Believe
3. Step On Me
4. Money
5. Alien
6. Afraid Of The Dark
7. Into The Sun

Great demo recording by the New York-based singer Swati. She has a truly unique style of singing, guitar playing and performing. Aaron produced this recording and played a lot of instruments (including drums, of course). Unfortunately, this 7-track demo was never released officially.

Joan Osborne - Righteous Love
(Universal, October 2, 2000)

1. Running Out Of Time
2. Righteous Love
3. Safety In NumbersMy Love Is Alive
4. My Love Is Alive
5. Angel Face
6. Grand Illusion
7. If I Was Your Man
8. Baby Love
9. Hurricane
10. Poison Apples (Hallelujah)
11. To Make You Feel My Love

Aaron submits his production and drumming skills to track number 8. This is the second solo album by Joan and it's still easily available everywhere. "Baby Love" was also released on the soundtrack of the movie "For The Love Of The Game" in 1999.

Saul Zonana - Saul Zonana
(20/20 Music, 2000)

1. Amazing Grace
2. Will You Be Down
3. Something Unusual
4. I'll Be Allright
5. The Holiest
6. Five Flowers
7. Rollercoaster
8. Counting the Days
9. Funny
10. World Kept Spinnin Round
11. Once Upon a Time
12. Sun Bathing

First album by Saul featuring Aaron on drums on some tracks (the bold ones). Saul, who created the album artwork to Eric Schenkmans 1999 "Make A Sound" album by the way, can offer some more Spin Doctors references: Eran Tabib plays guitar on some tracks of this record, and the whole thing was produced by old SD friend Peter Denenberg and recorded at... ah, you guessed it, Acme Studios in Mamaroneck, NY.
Cool album which is available at CD Baby.

Smitty - Like A Child
(independently released 2000, officially released 2003 via Soulsearch Music)

1. Spice Bag
2. My Oscillating Baby
3. Like A Child
4. Buddha Suit
5. Cellblock With Horn
6. Babes In Toyland
7. True Love In Toyland
8. Crucifix
9. Lie Of The Mind
10. I'm A Kept Man

Smitty is a unique guitar player and a close friend to Todd Horton who produced this album in 2000 and released it on his Soulsearch Music label three years later. Interestingly enough, some of the stuff on this CD was recorded at Deanna Kirk's now-defunct bar in New York City. Aaron plays drums on three tracks and additional bass on "Crucifix", too. Recommended album, available here.

Pat Daugherty - Nothing Can Dull The Light Within
(Independently released in 2000, 2003)

1. 4 White Men
2. Nothing Can Dull The Light Within
3. Surrender
4. Contract
5. Dream Planet
6. Better Be
7. Shining
8. Mary Sings The Songs That Make You Cry
9. Shadow
10. Orphan Love Songs
11. Shooting Star of Visionary Potential
12. Contract Contract

One of the first collaborations between Pat, Tim and Aaron - Aaron is playing drums on three tracks, some of that material was re-recorded in 2004 for the second New York Electric Piano album "War Oracle".

Schoolhouse Rocks the Vote!: A Benefit for Rock the Vote
(Rhino Records, August 18, 1998)

1. Rock the Vote - Virtuals
2. I'm Just a Bill - Isaac Hayes
3. Sufferin' Till Suffrage - Etta James
4. Campaign Trail - Bob Dorough
5. Preamble - John Popper
6. Do You Wanna Party - Essra Mohawk & The Killer Groove Band
7. Fireworks - The Sugarhill Gang
8. Three-Ring Government - Jazzyfatnastees
9. Get to Know Your Electoral College
10. Messin' With My Bill of Rights! - Grady Tate

Aaron co-produced the track "I'm Just A Bill", performed by Isaac Hayes and Joan Osborne. This album also features Blues Traveler's John Popper performing "Preamble". Available via amazon.com.

Christine Marie - OV
Authentic Records, released 1999

Executive Produced by Christine Marie Berkowitz / Produced by Paul Evans MItchell
Remixed and Mastered by Dean Bailin *Additional Production by Dean Bailin -Four Cats Studio NYC. / Drums On Captain Courageous -Aaron Comess / Background Vocals-Boy / Melody Lines "All That You Are"-written By Brandy Weston {RIP}

There's a 2003 remix version of the song „Captain Courageous“ available at CD Baby. Aaron himself is not entirely sure if it's him on drums on the remix. He played on the original version of the track (see above), and there's a chance this album will see kind of an re-release in 2010.

Deanna Kirk - Where Are You Now
(Blackbird Recording Company, 1998)

1. Where Are You Now
2. No Ghosts Allowed
3. Marianna Came To
4. I Want It Now
5. Not the One
6. Carousel
7. When Love Comes Around
8. Take Down the Kasbah
9. Fallen Arms
10. Ballad of the Small Cafe
11. If Not For Love
12. You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch

Beautiful second album by Deanna Kirk. Great, heartfelt music performed by a gifted singer. Aaron plays drums on a few tracks. Spins friends Todd Horton, Erik Lawrence and Andrew Lippman a.k.a. "The D-BOP Horns" perform on three songs and Pat Daugherty wrote a lot of the material. This album is available at the CD Baby store.

Marc Cohn - Burning The Daze
(Atlantic, April 14, 1998)

1. Already Home
2. Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow
3. Providence
4. Healing Hands
5. Lost You In The Canyon
6. Saints Preserve Us
7. Olana
8. Turn To Me
9. Valley Of The Kings
10. Turn On Your Radio
11. Ellis Island

The third regular studio release by Marc Cohn (of "Walking In Memphis"-fame). A really soft, but touching album. Aaron plays drums on the beautiful ballad "Saints Preserve Us". Easily available everywhere.

Michael Parrish - Automobility
(Geographic Records, 1995)

1. Code Of The Road
2. The Woman I Love
3. Map Of The South
4. Psychedelic Cowboy Rasta Muslim
5. Elena
6. Canoeing In Love
7. Hanging Trees
8. I'm In Love With Two Women

9. Passing Time
10. Geographic Cure
11. Carriage Hopuse Rules
12. BCD
13. The World's First Song

Produced by Michael Parrish and Jason Appleton. First solo album by multi instrumentalist Michael Parrish. "Automobility" is an entertaining collection of country/folk/blues tunes, Aaron plays drums on some of the tracks. Another Spin Doctors-related artist on this album is saxophone and guitar player Craig Dreyer. The album is out of print, but available through second hand mail order or eBay.

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