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The Bite and Brew of Salem - Salem, OR
July 30, 2011

What Time Is It >
Off My Line
Nice Talking To Me
Forty Or Fifty
Little Miss Can´t Be Wrong
How Could You Want Him?
Jimmy Olsen´s Blues
Big Fat Funky Booty
Refrigerator Car >
Lady Kerosene
Two Princes

Scotch And Water Blues
Yo Mama´s A Pajama

Review by Benjamin Stewart:
"All in all an awesome show. Hour and a half long. TONS of people there just to see the spins. I showed Chris my tattoo at the end of the show and asked him if he recognized it. He smiled and slapped it and said ´Yeah! That´s our lizard!´ It was awesome. I can not wait to see them again. I traveled almost 300 miles to see the show. I hope they come closer to Seattle Washington where i live next time."

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