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O2 Academy - Liverpool, England, UK
May 12, 2011

Jimmy Olsenís Blues
What Time Is It?
Little Miss Canít Be Wrong
Forty or Fifty
Refrigerator Car
More Than She Knows
Two Princes
Off My Line
How Could You Want Him?
Shinbone Alley ->
Hard To Exist

Yo Mamaís A Pajama
Sweet Widow
Stepped on a Crack

first UK show since 2005-03-16, first European show since 2008-08-03.

first show of the PFOK 20th anniversary UK tour, band playing the entire album in sequence from beginning to end.

Stream and/or download this show here: www.archive.org/details/Spin2011-05-12.Spin2011-05-12.o2Academy2liverpoolEngland

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