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Greeley Stampede - Greeley, CO
July 5, 2008

What Time Is It? ->
Yo Mamaīs A Pajama
Little Miss Canīt Be Wrong
Big Fat Funky Booty ->
Nice Talking To Me
Jimmy Olsenīs Blues >
Genuine ->
Lady Kerosene
Two Princes

Opening for Poison.

Download the show here: www.archive.org/details/spins2008-07-05.AUD.AT822.flac16

Review by Daniel:
This was my third Spins show, and what a weird show it was. The SD opening for Poison in a Rodeo arena. You can tell most of the people were there for Poison, but the audience seemed to dig the Spins as the opening band. They did a good job - for a 45 minutes set, I thought the setlist was really cool, with Lady and Yo Mama in it. Check out the recording, sounds better than the actual sound at the venue.

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